Zweva Battery Boxes are a flexible en reliable way to protect a wide range of batteries underground.


Durable, maintenance free long lasting, utility approved.


Lightweight, easy to handle, cost effective transport and installation.

Longer Battery Life

Longer battery life due to less temperature fluctations.


Waterproof, protected against immersion in water (IP67 solutions available)

Battery Types

Since we have a wide range of sizes and application types in our battery enclosures, we are able to provide a solutions for the following types of batteries.

  • Lead acid battery
  • Electrolytic battery
  • Solar battery
  • Vented battery
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • Deep cycle battery


Our battery vault can be applied in a variety of applications. In the list below is a short summary of fields where our battery enclosure is applied already.

  • Marine
  • Telecom
  • Solar Energy
  • UPS systems
  • Stand alone power supply
  • Off-Grid applications

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